living books as your distributor

We convert your MS-WORD DOC manuscripts (including the Table of Contents feature) and other formats into numerous, popular hand-held reader formats such as EPUB and MOBI.

submitting your manuscript
(Note: you must be the copyright holder for ALL work submitted.)

1. We do not publish any public domain material. (we check using web crawlers)
2. Manuscripts MUST be completed and ready for publishing.
3. We include a linked "Published by Living Books USA" on your copyright page.
4. Distributor 'Smashwords' insists that the words "Smashwords Edition" appears on the page.
5. We supply an exclusive ISBN number for each ebook. Not for use with printed books!

Proofreading is your Responsibility.
(see our proofreading services if needed.)

NOTE: ebook files can only be edited using sophisticated software.

a. What ever you submit to us is exactly how your book will appear in its ebook form. This includes typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors! So please ensure that your book has been properly proofread before submitting it for conversion.
b. Allow 2-3 weeks for your book to appear at all online stores.
c. All ebooks are in the EPUB format unless otherwise stated.
d. Although rare, we can edit published EPUB files. Please contact us for details and pricing as edits require re-publishing to all distributors.
e. We publish all content to SEVEN of the world's best online ebook distributors: Barnes & Noble (#1 for sales), Kobo, Diesel, Barker & Taylor, Sony, Apple iBooks and Smashwords (world's largest.)

Note: We can publish to Amazon, but we recommend you do this yourself via their KDP service when you receive your converted ebook files. The Amazon publishing process is quick and simple and you will have your own sales records and receive royalties directly every month.
Although Amazon will accept your raw manuscript file and convert it for you, we suggest that you obtain your own MOBI file as Amazon do not allow for editing once the book has been converted.

submit your manuscript for publication

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