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1. Manuscripts MUST be in DOC format and not DOC(X) format (newer WORD versions.)
2. We do NOT publish any public domain material. (we check using web crawlers)
3. Manuscripts MUST be completed and ready for publishing. Whatever you submit is exactly how your book will appear in its published ebook form, including errors.
4. A cover image not exceeding 1280 x 850 pixels must accompany each manuscript unless we are designing this for you.
5. All manuscripts must include both a short description (max. 400 characters) and a long description (max. 2000 characters) of your book.
6. You must supply an author profile - a description about who you are. You may also submit a good-quality photograph of yourself (jpg or gif).

You may publish under an assumed name if you wish, but your real name MUST be on the account for copyright purposes. Your real identity is never revealed.
Once we have examined all your material, we will email you with a final quote and a payment link if our offer is acceptable to you.

Living Books USA welcomes both new and established authors.

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